Dr. Drew, Your Dentist at Oxford Dental Care!


Dr. Drew is exactly the type of Idaho Falls dentist you want working on your teeth. He is very thorough when it comes to perfecting procedures. You can rely on the work that Dr. Drew does because he is well trained and has great work experience.

Dr. Drew has trained under some of the most respected dentists in the profession. This includes both specialists and general dentists. He consistently completes more than five times the required amount of continuing education to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry.

Dr. Drew’s Background

Dr. Drew earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. After graduation he spent a year in a highly competitive residency. This gave him significant experience as a dentist and jumpstarted his career in dentistry. Following his residency he spent five years treating thousands of patients as the lead dentist at a large group practice in Wisconsin. Seeing so many patients allowed Dr. Drew to fine tune his skills that he learned in dental school and during his residency. He continues to fine tune his skills by consistently exceeding the required number of hours for continuing education. This allows him to fulfill his passion of providing the highest quality dentistry available. You can be confident in Dr. Drew’s ability to provide exceptional dentistry as well as his ability to keep you comfortable. Many of his patients say that he is the best dentist they have ever seen.

Dr. Drew’s Family Life

Dr. Drew is a family man. He and his wife Becky have been married since 2003 and have 3 beautiful girls. When he is not in the office you will find him spending time with his family. They love spending time outside and are truly enjoying the beautiful nature and surroundings that Idaho Falls provides. Dr. Drew spent several years away from his parents and siblings to earn his degree and to gain work experience. He is excited to be back close to family in Idaho Falls.

Dr. Drew’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, biking and pretty much anything else outdoors. While the majority of Dr. Drew’s time and attention is being spent on the dental practice, he is excited about all of the opportunities that Idaho Falls provides for his hobbies. When you are in the office, make sure to tell Dr. Drew where the best outdoor spots are so that he can be sure to enjoy them with his family.

Dr. Drew is a do-it-your-self-er. In his spare time he enjoys working on cars and making upgrades to the dental practice and his home. This is good news for our patients because when he saves money by doing a project himself, he can pass the savings on to you. This is why you will see our fees consistently lower than most of our competitors.