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What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

April 29, 2019

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Find Out What Your Tongue Could Be Saying About Your Health 

If you’re suspecting you have problems with the tongue, the easiest thing you could do is to stick it out and examine the reflection in the mirror. If it is healthy, the tongue should be pink in color with small nodules covering it. If it is something different, it could be time to look for Idaho Falls dental care because this could be a sign of a larger oral health problem. Below are some of the more common symptoms of health problems that are presented by discoloration of the tongue.

Your Tongue & Oral Health

Your tongue allows you to taste a variety of flavors and speak any variations of a phrase that you can think up. But did you also know that your tongue can have a bigger role in your overall health? Here are some of the most common signs from your tongue that you might have a deeper underlying health concern.

White Spots or Coating

Experiencing a white coating or spotting on your tongue is the result of an overgrowth and swelling of the papillae that make up the surface of the tongue. The white appearance is caused by debris, dead cells, and other bacteria that become lodged between the swollen and often inflamed papillae.

Oral Thrush

This is usually the result of yeast infection developing inside the mouth. The condition usually affects the elderly and infants and manifests itself through white patches on the tongue and sometimes on the lips. People who are suffering from diabetes are also at risk of getting oral thrush.


This is characterized by accelerated growth of the cells in the mouth which leads to white patches on the mouth and inside the tongue. Even though it is not inherently dangerous, Leukoplakia could be a precursor to cancer and you should make sure you visit a doctor immediately if you witness the condition.

Black and Hairy Tongue

The papillae in the tongue are a lot like the hairs of your head and will grow throughout your lifetime. There are cases where they overgrow and become excessively long. This increases the risk of harboring bacteria in the mouth. The growth of the bacteria will be characterized by an overgrown papillae that are hair-like and appear dark or black. The good news is that this condition is rare and is not that serious even if someone has it. Those who are taking chemotherapy drugs or are diabetic are likely to experience the condition.

Sore or Bumpy Tongue

Painful sores on the tongue are an early indicator of much more series health concerns, including some that may be life threatening. Some common causes are:


This could happen when you accidentally bite your tongue when chewing or talking. You’re likely to experience a bumpy or sore tongue until it heals completely.

Oral Cancer

There could be a chance the sore that won’t go away after two weeks is cancerous. You should see a doctor immediately if you experience such a condition. It should be noted that most oral cancer symptoms are mild during the early stages and you’re not likely to experience any pain.

Seeking Proper Idaho Falls Oral Health Treatment

Examine your tongue on a daily basis so that you can take action if there is a problem. For more information, you can check out

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