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Teeth Whitening Vs. Veneers: How Do You Decide?

September 4, 2021

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French fries or onion rings? Apple juice or orange juice? Crocs or clogs? Okay, sometimes having choices can go too far, but generally in life, it’s great to have options.

Your teeth can become dull or discolored for many reasons. Regardless, two excellent treatments to consider for getting your smile back on track with your cosmetic dentist in Idaho Falls are teeth whitening or veneers.

Keep reading about teeth whitening and veneers to see what problems they can solve, what the procedure entails for each option, how long they last, and a cost comparison.

What Problems Can Teeth Whitening and Veneers Fix?

Teeth whitening is most effective for removing yellowing and stains caused by foods and beverages.

Gray or brown discoloration is more difficult for bleaching to address, so veneers may be the option for those or other stubborn stains. Veneers can also fix many other problems like chipped or cracked teeth, uneven spacing and gaps, and slightly crooked teeth.

What Goes into the Procedure for Teeth Whitening?

After the dentist cleans and examines the teeth, they will address any decay issues or cavities.

From there, a bleaching agent is applied and left on for a while, removed, and then reapplied. The entire process takes about one hour, but multiple visits are usually needed to achieve desired results.

In-office whitening is typically quicker with more consistent results compared to at-home methods.

What Does the Procedure for Veneers Involve?

Getting veneers is a more invasive procedure than teeth whitening. Once your dentist confirms your teeth are healthy, they will remove a sliver of the enamel. While the permanent veneers are being made in a lab, you’ll be given a temporary set. Once they are ready, the veneers will be bonded directly to your teeth.

The entire process can take several hours and multiple appointments.

How Long Do Teeth Whitening and Veneers Last?

Teeth whitening could bring instant results, but it doesn’t last forever. Teeth that have been professionally whitened may need to have the process repeated after a few years.

Veneers can last more than 15 years. Although strong, they aren’t indestructible. Composite veneers are more likely to be repaired than replaced but remember that veneers are a permanent decision.

What are the Cost Considerations for Teeth Whitening and Veneers?

These two choices can both eliminate discoloration in your smile, but that’s where the similarity ends. Veneers can solve many more issues, plus they are a long-term, custom-made solution. Because of this, veneers are often the more expensive option.

If price is the main factor or you do not want any enamel removed, teeth whitening in Idaho Falls is the way to go. Veneers essentially win out in all other respects, but you should definitely have a discussion with your dentist before your final decision!

About the Author

Dr. Brent Cline loves working with his hands, as well as the science and chemistry aspect of dentistry. He loves the transformation that can take place in a patient’s smile and confidence. Dr. Cline has completed nearly 70 hours of continuing education during the last two years, which significantly exceeds statewide requirements. His practice offers teeth whitening and veneers in Idaho Falls as options to enhance your smile, and Dr. Cline is ready to answer any questions you might have. To schedule a consultation or learn about other services offered, visit his website or call (208) 529-0420. 

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