The Appeal of Cosmetic Crowns

We all want to have a beautiful smile than makes a good impression even before we say a word. A nice smile that you can be proud of goes a long way in boosting self confidence and appearance. Cosmetic Crowns are a good option to help accomplish a more aesthetic smile for many patients.

Cosmetic Crowns, sometimes referred to as veneers, work much like a normal crown. The main difference is that cosmetic crowns are used to change the look or the function for your teeth. Some people opt for crowns over other options if the crowns are a good solution.

A dentist can provide you with a consultation to let you know if crowns are a good solution for what you are hoping to achieve. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

Is It Safe to Get Crowns?

As the popularity of these services has grown so has the technology to perform them. Veneers have gotten thinner over time so that more of the natural tooth can be preserved. This makes getting veneers less risky.

While cosmetic crowns are beautiful when they are done correctly they are not the best option for everyone. Dr. Drew tries as hard as possible to meet the desires of the patients while keeping the natural teeth as this is the healthiest long term solution for most patients, however, when he does place crowns, his work looks fantastic. Meeting with a dentist in Idaho Falls to discuss the specifics of your situation is always the best option. Call us today for a consultation if you have been thinking about getting cosmetic crowns.

Veneers and Cosmetic Crowns Idaho Falls