Dental Emergency in Idaho Falls, ID?

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone. A dental emergency does not mean that you are doing a poor job of taking care of your teeth, or that you necessarily did something wrong. Dental emergencies are often a factor of bad luck. In the moment of a dental emergency you need help fast. You need someone who can get you in and take care of your emergency as quickly as possible.

Dental Emergency

Common Dental Emergencies

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    Tooth Ache

    Tooth aches always seem to happen at the worst time and they are often an outward indication of a deeper problem. If you have a persisting toothache you should see a dentist as soon as possible!

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    Gum Infection

    Gum infections can cause a lot of pain, and if they are not taken care of can lead to very serious problems down the road. If you notice swelling, redness or bleeding in your gums you should consult with a dental hygienist right away!

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    Broken Tooth

    There are different options for a broken tooth. The necessary work depends on several different factors. If you do have a broken tooth you should call a dentist immediately to get further guidance to ensure the best outcome.

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    Dental Trauma

    Dental trauma is extremely common with a reported 1/3 of children having had some sort of dental trauma by age 5. When a child suffers some sort of injury to their mouth they should be examined by a dentist. There are issues that can arise down the road if dental trauma is not handled correctly.

What Should I Do About a Dental Emergency?

It is clear that in most emergency scenarios you should at least speak with a dentist. Many dentists will give you recommendations and let you know whether or not you need to be seen in the office.

Whether you are young or old, have great dental health or poor dental health, there is nothing that you can do to ensure that you will never have a dental emergency. When emergencies strike, you want someone that can get you in quickly and take good care of you. Dr. Drew is very accommodating when it comes to dental emergencies often expanding his schedule to meet your needs. We know that the last thing you want is to have to wait or go somewhere else for a dental emergency. We try very hard to get all dental emergencies in the same day. Call (208)529-0420