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When you are looking for family dentistry services, you want a dentist who can competently provide as many services as possible. This makes things very convenient for you and your family. At the same time, you don’t want a dentist who will try to do procedures that they are not comfortable with. A poorly executed procedure often requires the procedure to be done again.

At Oxford Dental Care we offer family dentistry to cover all of your family’s needs. Rest assured, however, that Dr. Drew will refer you to a specialist if that is the best option for you. Convenient family dentistry is an underlying goal here at Oxford Dental Care. If you only have to make one trip for all your dental needs, we are happy because we have made things more convenient for you. If you have to make a separate trip to a specialist to get the best dentistry available, we are still happy because you will get the best dentistry possible.

Your kids are welcome in our office. Dr. Drew has kids of his own and loves taking the time early with kids to help them learn good oral health. Many families have chosen Dr. Drew as their kids dentist because he does such a good job of keeping them comfortable.

Why Oxford Dental Care is Your Best Option for Family Dentistry Services

You will find a list of our dental services below. When we offer a service, you can rest assured that it will be the highest quality available. Dr. Drew is meticulous when it comes to perfecting procedures. He regularly completes five times the required amount of continuing education because he feels that is what patients deserve.

One of the things that makes Dr. Drew so good at family dentistry is that he has perfected procedures to a point that he provides fast and virtually pain free dentistry. This means that your kids will not have to sit in the chair for hours on end. It also means that they will experience minimal pain when it comes to their dentistry. When scored against over 100 of his peers Dr. Drew’s had the highest ratings for quality of work and patient satisfaction.

Whether you are single, have a small family or a large family, at Oxford Dental Care, we have the right solution and services for you. We will always be as timely as possible and work hard to get you in when you need to be seen. Our patients are our top priority.

Our Dental Services

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