Do you have a cavity? Are your teeth sensitive to temperature? Do you feel pain when chewing? You may be tempted to wait until the problem becomes unbearable before visiting a dentist—but that’s a serious mistake. Dental problems don’t go away on their own. In fact, they usually progress to more serious problems over time.

Given this, it’s important not to delay fixing your dental problems as that delay could end up costing you more. For example, you may postpone fixing a small cavity until it starts to hurt, only for the decay to spread into the nerve, resulting in an abscess. So, on top of dental filling, you’ll also need a root canal and a crown, which will cost you much more than you would have spent on the small cavity.

Dental fillings are the first go-to treatment for tooth decay and cavities. They enable you to keep a tooth that otherwise could have been destroyed. They are a specialized material that protects the soft, inner part of your tooth from infection.

Signs That You Have Decay and You Need Dental Filling

A cavity, also known as tooth decay, is a hole that forms in the tooth. Tooth fillings are an effective way to treat the decay that causes cavities, but only if treated promptly. Here are some signs to look out for that show you may have a cavity:

Pain When Chewing

If you experience pain and discomfort when you bite into food, chances are you have a cavity. Chewing discomfort is typically an indication of an exposed nerve. It could also be a sign of a fractured tooth. Either way, it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible.

A Visible Cavity

If you can actually see a decayed area on your tooth, you should see your dentist immediately to have it checked. A dark spot could be a sign of a cavity, even if it hasn’t formed a hole yet. While some cavities are so small they can’t be easily seen by the naked eye, an actual hole that you can see or feel with your tongue certainly needs to be filled.

Tooth Sensitivity

If your tooth is sensitive to cold and hot foods, it could be a sign of a cavity that needs filling. Decay increases tooth sensitivity as it allows cold and heat to penetrate the tooth more.

Tooth Discoloration

If your tooth has white, black, or brown spots that you are sure aren’t related to the foods or drinks you consume, you need to see your dentist as soon as possible. These spots may also be soft and sticky when you touch them.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, you should see your dentist for an exam. Depending on the extent of the damage, your dentist may fix it using tooth filling.

Bad Breath

Bacteria and food particles may accumulate in the cavities, creating a perfect environment for bad odors. You may choose to use breath mints and gums to neutralize the bad smell, but they are hardly effective. So, the lasting solution to these problems would be to fill the cavities.

In Conclusion

If you suspect you may need dental fillings, you should see a reputable dentist as soon as possible. Delaying getting dental fillings can only worsen the problem and end up costing you more money to treat. So, it’s essential to fill a cavity while it’s small. This will help avert pain and the need for a more expensive procedure.

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