Complete Family Dental Idaho Falls

Family dental or family dentistry are buzz words in the dental community. Dentists advertise them and even add it to the name of their business. So what is family dental and how do you find complete family dental Idaho Falls?

Family Dental Idaho Falls

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry does not actually require any additional training as far as dentistry is concerned. In fact, family dentistry is not an actual segment of dentistry, it is simply something that tells patients and potential patients that a dentist is competent treating any member of a family. Any dentist can advertise their practice as providing family dentistry. Good family dental Idaho Falls simply means that the dentist feels that they can provide service to all of the family members. A good family dentist is usually good with children and can help keep all of the family members comfortable.

Is Oxford Dental Care a Good Option for Family Dental?

Dr. Drew has been providing dentistry to patients of all ages for several years. Dr. Drew is great with children. He has children of his own and is phenomenal at putting children at ease.

He has worked hard to make Oxford Dental Care a dental practice that is convenient for the whole family. We work our schedule around times that are convenient for you and your family. If this means getting everyone in at the same time, we can do that. If this means getting everyone in at different times, we can arrange that too.

If you are in need of family dental Idaho Falls, call us today at (208)529-0420!