Where is the Best Place in Idaho Falls for Teeth Whitening?

There are many options for teeth whitening Idaho Falls. There are also a few different techniques, however, most effective techniques use the same thing to whiten your teeth.

The best option for teeth whitening Idaho Falls will be somewhere that does custom bleach trays. Many offices give away the generic bleach trays which can cause irritation to your gums since they are not customized to your teeth.

Aside from whether the office provides custom bleach trays or not, there are two things to look for. First is the concentration of the bleach. The higher the concentration, the less time it will require out of your day. Second is the price. Cost of professional teeth whitening is a big factor for a lot of people.

How Much Do Custom Bleach Trays Cost?

Custom bleach trays can be quite expensive. While they are more costly than some options, they are the best option for teeth whitening Idaho Falls.

We know that teeth whitening can give people more confidence and that it is one of the fastest ways to improve the look of your smile.

Bleach trays are typically very expensive. Because so many people are interested in bleaching, we have options that make bleach trays very affordable.

One of our new patient specials is that the new patient receives free custom bleach trays with the completion of a new patient appointment. While this can not be combined with any of the other offers, it is often a great option for new patients since it can save them more than $100.

Oxford Dental Specializes in Teeth Whitening and Dental Stain Removal

Teeth whitening Idaho Falls is very affordable with our discounts. Because this makes teeth whitening a reality for many people, some of our patients wonder if teeth whitening is going to cause them a lot of pain.

While it can cause some sensitivity, there are things that you can do to make teeth whitening effective, yet relatively painless. There are special gels that can help to reduce sensitivity which makes teeth whitening a great option for almost anyone who is looking for a little boost to the appearance of their smile. Call Oxford Dental Care today to see how our dentist can help you get the beautiful smile that you want!

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