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Benefits of Sedation – Idaho Falls, ID

Ensuring Successful Treatment in a Relaxed Environment

A sedation dentist in Idaho Falls shows a female patient her treatment plan and what she can expect

Dental anxiety is real, and millions of people in the United States reschedule and/or cancel their dental appointments because of it. This unfortunate problem causes individuals to forgo regular oral healthcare, resulting in more serious problems that lead to restorative or emergency treatment in an attempt to save a person’s natural teeth. At Oxford Dental Care of Idaho Falls, we believe in providing solutions that mitigate the fear and anxiety and instead, offer a safe and successful experience for both patients and staff. If you are worried about your upcoming dental appointment, review the following information to learn more about the benefits of sedation. When you’re ready, call our office to schedule an appointment with our sedation dentist in Idaho Falls, Dr. Brent Cline.

The Truth About Dental Anxiety

A female patient lying back in a dentist’s chair preparing to undergo a dental treatment

It is believed that more than 75% of adults have some sort of dental anxiety. While fear of pain typically tops the list of reasons people avoid the dentist’s office, there is also the added worry of facing judgment because of the status of your current oral health.

If your fears and worries cause you to experience sleepless nights, sweat while waiting for your appointment, or have trouble breathing during a procedure, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Dr. Cline can discuss ways to help you cope and even overcome your dental fears. Whether it is through focused breathing, meditation, sedation dentistry, or a combination of all, you can minimize the potential for worsening oral health problems and take back control of your smile.

The Benefits of Sedation

A female patient expressing her happiness over her sedation dentistry experience

When talking with Dr. Cline about your concerns and prospects for sedation dentistry, you can expect to learn about the many benefits that come with using this type of service. Whether it is decided that you will move forward with oral conscious sedation or IV dental sedation, you can expect the following benefits:

A Faster Procedure

When dental anxiety makes it difficult to sit still, your dentist can have trouble safely and effectively providing treatment. Fortunately, with sedation dentistry, you can relax, which allows Dr. Cline to perform the necessary work to improve your oral health. This is not only done more greater precision, but it is also completely more efficiently, allowing you to spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

A Pain-Free Experience

Worried the pain will be too much for you to bear? Not to worry! Sedation dentistry is designed to eliminate any pain you might feel during your visit. The only minor discomfort you might feel is the insertion of the IV should you and Dr. Cline choose this method of sedation; however, you will quickly fall into a dream-like state, remaining conscious but fully relaxed.

Reduced Gag Reflex

If you have a sensitive gag reflex, it can make even a general checkup and cleaning difficult. With oral conscious or IV sedation, the muscles in your throat will relax, reducing the sensation that causes you to gag in the first place. As a result, Dr. Cline will be able to swiftly administer treatment without the potential for complications to arise because of a sudden oral spasm.

Reduced Fear and Anxiety

The most common benefit of sedation dentistry is its ability to minimize fear and anxiety. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons dentists offer it to patients. Dr. Cline understands the dentist’s office isn’t the first place most people want to visit, especially those who are afraid. Fortunately, if you’ve been traumatized by a previous experience, dislike the sights, sounds, or smells of a dental office, or worry you’ll be in pain throughout your entire visit, sedation can quickly alleviate those concerns and leave you feeling comfortable and at ease.

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